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Federal Department of Justice – You’re FIRED

Over a dozen foreign countries (Mexico and several in South America) are being INVITED to tell us their opinion on the Immigration Laws in the State of Arizona! This is ILLEGAL, PREPOSTEROUS, and IMPEACHABLE!

How many of you will stand by and let the DOJ impune the sovereign rights of our country, supposedly, THEIR country, by allowing foreign countries to tell us what we should do about how we protect our borders and our citizenship? This is an outrage and I, for one, will tell whoever will listen to me that this MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY. I will not accept other countries telling MY COUNTRY how to establish our own laws. I DO NOT ACCEPT that our government representatives: Executive, Judicial, and / or Legislative, can invite others to tell us what to do about our own safety, freedom, and sovereignty!

GET OUT AND STAY OUT – and, I mean this to apply to members of our own DOJ and the government members of other countries who take part in this discussion. In addition, I say that our Federal Government should either support or stay out of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and other states who are trying to protect our borders and our citizens!

Please check out my earlier posting titled: “CAN’T come in from here!” bgbg


One Response to “Federal Department of Justice – You’re FIRED”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. If the Fed won’t do their job, the states should have a right to it.

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