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Life is full of rude awakenings!

We each have our own ways of watching the world around us. And, we each have our own way of deciding which of the things we see will get our attention.

Sometimes the things we would normally not choose to pay attention to impose themselves on our lives and we are forced to attend to them.

It was this way for the people living and working around Chernobyl and recently for the people in the coastal city in the North of Japan!

Are you prepared for your calamity? Would you like help if and when you find yourself in one? What would you like others to do for you when you are stuck in a situation that is well beyond your capacity to handle?

So, ask yourselves what you will do for them now! The people of Japan need help. If you don’t offer something, are you expecting that enough other people will help that you don’t have to?

How would you feel if that was the result you found when you are in your calamity?

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