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Some Days Are Good Enough!

I ran into a friend / neighbor of mine while I was waiting for a networking meeting nearby my home and we talked for a bit. At our ages, a lot of what we talk about is reminiscing about our kids, their kids, and life as it is for us now. And, of course, it got me thinking.

I’ve had an interesting and challenging life in a number of areas that I thought I would share:

– My career has been evolving since I began so many years ago from a “Delivery Driver” in High School, to a COBOL Programmer after College, to an IT Manager and Leader, to now where I have been a Professional Services Consultant for over 20 years – I wouldn’t change a thing…

– My children have grown through their ‘terrible twos’, the tween, teen, and twenty-somethings with lots of challenges and opportunities for me to do things right and wrong! And when I talk to them and look at them, now – I realize I can’t change a thing and they are turning into bright, self-sufficient, successful adults – I couldn’t change a thing…

– My health (mental and physical) has been challenging, but I have had several Doctors (including my wife) to help me with these opportunities – I wouldn’t change a thing…

The inspiration for this opinion is simple: The friend I mentioned earlier said to me: “Some days are Good, Some days are Good Enough”. I took that to mean that there is no reason to think badly about anything at this point in my life – I couldn’t change a thing!

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thanx, bgbg

One Response to “Some Days Are Good Enough!”

  1. Well said! I believe the wisdom of age is seeping through!

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