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Multiple Income Sources – redux

Quite a while ago, I posted an opinion that we should all look for ways to diversify our income sources in the same manner and for very similar reasons to why we were advised to diversify our investments – for protection against swings in the market place.

After my meeting earlier this morning, I realized that I am now working on three Commission Only income streams that have the potential to provide me with income if and when I can successfully sell something through those venues.

How many of you are so singularly focused on getting back to a Full Time Employment status that you don’t take the time to either invent a new company for yourself and / or get some additional part time opportunities working for you so you can have a choice when and if you get a new offer?


One Response to “Multiple Income Sources – redux”

  1. Ah, Indeed. It might be the only way out for aged boomers. Our time has passed as a corporate faceplate. Perhaps this is the way to discover the value of wisdom (if it can be marketed).

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