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Where is THIS Candidate?

I will only run for ONE TERM. I want to get in, clean up, and get out! I do not want to debate other politicians and I don’t want to campaign except when I absolutely have to! I will only make these promises: I will only run for ONE TERM, I want to get in, clean up and get out, I will only campaign as little as possible to let the American people know they have another choice.


One Response to “Where is THIS Candidate?”

  1. THIS candidate can not exist under our current system. Without the support of a major party, there would be no chance of funding their campaign. Secondly, they would be unmercifully destroyed by the mainstream media, who believe that they should determine the validity of any candidate. Thirdly, any candidate affiliated with a major party, by definition, must seek re-election in order to preserve his or her party’s hold on power. Announcing as a “one termer” would alienate you from both parties, and you would have no chance of any traditional support.

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