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For Leaders Everywhere

Carlos Fontana is a network connection of mine whom I have never met face to face; however, he sends out these Daily 7 Items that are inspiring and valuable, so I thought I would share this one for some of my readers:

Carlos Fontana November 8, 2011


1 Listeners (look, observe with heart and feelings),

2 Emotional (bond, recognize humanity in others),

3 Aware (situational, question as they inspire others),

4 Doers (action-driven, flexible, humorous, role model for character as they do what they say),

5 Empowering (givers of feedback, love and truth),

6 Responsible (resolute risk takers with conscious and integral inner core),

7 Synergistic (create their luck by synchronizing and attracting desired results from expressing their souls)



2 Responses to “For Leaders Everywhere”

  1. that is why we use our brain

  2. leadership skills…

    […]For Leaders Everywhere « BG's Opinions[…]…

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