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What if our elected officials were all Volunteers!??

If we could change the world, why wouldn’t we start with our elected officials?

I suggest this:

  1. At any time, a US Citizen announces that they are interested in a particular elected political position:
  2. Their  ‘constituents’ (also US Citizens) can vote by donating $1.00 each ONLY ONCE to fund this individual’s campaign:
    a.  If they get MORE donations than the incumbent and / or more than the others who are vying for this position
    This individual WINS and takes over in the office for one year
    b.  If they do not get MORE donations by the end of the current incumbent’s term, they LOSE
  3. Every year while one of our Volunteer political people performs their political position, they can collect ONE MORE $1.00 donation from each of their US Citizen constituents for the coming year
    a.  These donations are Votes saying that their constituents want them to stay in as their representative; however,
    i.  If someone else volunteers and gets MORE votes (ie, More $1.00 donations), they will take the incumbents place
    at the one year anniversary of the incumbent’s position
  4. Any elected candidate can only stay in a single position for up to 7 years and still run during that year for re-election.  In the 7th year, they will not be allowed to collect these $1.00 donations (as votes) and they MUST STEP DOWN after their 7th One Year Term.

What do you think of this as a plan to redefine our electoral process?




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