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Separation of Church and State??

According to CNN on September 5, 2012:

“In an unusual display of dissent at the party’s convention, Democrats struggled to complete a voice vote amending their party platform to include language referring to God and to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
A senior Democratic source told CNN that President Barack Obama intervened to change the platform language on Jerusalem. Democratic sources said Obama also asked why the word “God” had been dropped.
It took three voice votes before a flummoxed Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the convention chairman, declared himself satisfied that a two-thirds majority backed the language, despite groans of dissatisfaction from some delegates.
Later in the evening, former President Bill Clinton delivers the featured speech and will formally nominate Obama. …”

I wonder what the following steps will be from our current President that will use this party platform language about “Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and ‘God'” if this has passed AND he gets re-elected???

Just saying…


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