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Job Search and Mental Health

There comes a time when desperation sets in for those of us who have been in “Job Search” mode for longer than we thought possible.

It happens in conjunction with prolonged searching for opportunities, research into the company or industry and people who we might know that are on the ‘inside’, responding without response, and the feelings of rejection when we do all this work and nothing happens.

It’s hard to remember that it’s not necessarily ‘us’ that is causing this lack of progress but the state of the economy and the real numbers reflecting unemployment levels.

My personal therapy for these feelings takes several shapes:

  • Volunteer to help others in similar straights
    –  I do this by joining large networking groups and introducing myself to many of its members and offering to help with their resumes, interview preparation, research into companies and positions, and by being that cheerleader for them to stay focused, confident and ready to face the continuing challenges
  • Finding Part Time work that could pay me
    – Commission Only Sales; Recruiting for Recruiters and Sales people; Configuring, Delivering and Training individuals to use their new Personal Computers or Tablets
  • Working with Start Ups to build a Business Plan, Find Funding, Locations, Marketing Strategies, and Customers
    – where there might be a salary or commission for my work in doing these things

At this point in my life, I am seriously thinking about, but probably won’t do anything like, putting my Job Search activities on hold while I focus on the Volunteering and Commission based items I listed above.

What are YOUR PLANS for dealing with this Stress??



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