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I will NOT Re-Elect…

Any elected representative who does not thoroughly convince ME that they are doing things to create and maintain the America that I want this country to be.

I chose to vote for people who have said that they believe in things similar to the way I believe in things about our country and what it stands for, however, then I see what is happening to my country and I wonder how these things can come to pass IF the people I voted for were actually working on what I thought their beliefs (and mine) are.

If I don’t see this pattern of behavior change, I will vote again and I will VOTE AGAINST anyone I have previously voted for!

IF any of you who are reading this post, agree with me, please either Re-Blog this, add a comment, forward it to your email list but, at least, DO SOMETHING to let your elected representatives know that you are considering this same Voter Action!

Thanx, bgbg


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