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Voter Backlash – 2013

I went to the polls this November 2013 and did some research before casting my vote.  I made sure I knew every one of the candidates who were running for RE-Election and voted for their Opponent.

My vote is my small contribution to, hopefully, the growing movement in our country’s voters to send a message to the incumbents that if they don’t start representing US (the citizens) in the U.S. that we will find others who will!

I just read that a number of Democrats went to the President to talk about their coming elections and the  difficulties they anticipate if the Affordable Care Act and its web sites are not fixed real soon.  They are afraid that the track record of our incumbent Democratic President will affect their chances of winning again!  It seemed OK to them when they thought there would be no resistance!

And, for one, I am very glad that this is happening; however, I also think that the folks we have elected into their offices have already disappointed those of us who gave them our vote and regardless of what these Democrats do to get the President to change things, since they have already contributed to our disappointment, they do not deserve to keep their elected positions.

What do you think?  And, how will you use your vote to send a message to your elected officials about your level of satisfaction of their work for you in their last term.  Would you be willing to make that term their LAST term for someone else who might understand more clearly WHY they are elected and WHO they should be supporting?

Please let me know what you think about this.

Thanx, bgbg

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