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What will the next iGadget be?

Well, so far Apple has given us things like: iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iTunes, iMovie, iCloud, iMini, iGlass and NOW iWatch (did iMiss something?)!

So, when can we expect “iVoyeur” which will give us sensory access to someone else’s experiences?  Whew!  The possibilities there are astounding!  Is this LEGAL??

So iWonder how we would collect these experiences.  What iFeedback could we give and how directly could we provide that feedback to the ACTUAL Source of these iFeelings?  Could we then iEditorialize on iWhy they allowed these iFeelings to be iCaptured and iDistributed for iPublic iAccess?

This iWorld we are moving toward would be iDon’tThinkSo for very long!

Will “i” replace “#”?

PS: Help A Report Out (HARO) asked for a facetious opinion about the prolifieration of the iDevice/Service legacy to date so I sent them something like this.  I hope you enjoy and PLEASE write me about your opinions through this blog or at   Thanx, bgbg

2 Responses to “What will the next iGadget be?”

  1. I’ll never forget when Steve Jobs unveiled his new business cards with his new title: iCEO

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