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Advice to the Financially Forlorn

Imagine you are twenty somethin and you about to embark on your professional career.  How much money do you think you will make over the course of your career?  If you were to start at a conservative salary of $35,000 and assume an average pay increase of about 7% per year for a career of 21 years, your last year’s salary would be $135,438 per year.  And, the total earnings for this time period would be approximately $1.57 Million Dollars!!

So, if I were a planning person, I would ask several questions about this:

  1. How much faster could I increase my salary so that my total earnings could be more than this projection?
  2. How much of my annual salaries would I be willing to put away for my own retirement?
  3. When would I be willing to start putting away retirement monies?
  4. What Percent of my Gross would I be willing to start at?

What questions would you have?

2 Responses to “Advice to the Financially Forlorn”

  1. How did you get my email address? I never gave it to you. I don’t know who or what you are. Please take me off your distribution list. I have “unsubscribed” to something I never subscribed to. And what exactly does Gloria (Ms. I.T.) Druss mean?

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