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IoT at 50B

The Internet of Things is predicted to reach 50,000,000,000 devices by 2020!  What will that mean to us and our world?

An Internet Thing is a device that has the ability to measure / monitor events and communicate to other IoT devices so that they can work together to gather information, notify others, and / or take action.  These devices are currently in operation and are very dependent on two fundamental technologies: Communication and Data Management.  My guess is that as the number of IoT devices increase to and beyond this 50B count, these technologies will have to improve their performance levels and potentially change dramatically to handle the level of traffic that these devices will require.

But, what will these things be able to do for is.  The potential for these services is, for me, unimaginable for now but here is one very simplistic example that I can think of:

A window in a private residence can have a sensor on it that responds when it is either opened or closed and potentially measure how far open or closed its status has changed.  When this window’s position has changed it can send out a message reporting that difference.  Then a thermostat in the residence (or more importantly the thermostat that is closest to the window) can determine whether to raise or lower the temperature based on the current season and the direction and degree of the window’s change.  This may appear simple but imagine the following scenario:

IoT Example 001 20160215

Now what if we could also add sensors (IoT devices) to track each time the room door is either opened, closed or when someone walks through the door frame and in which direction (In or Out)? With this we could collect the information about whether there are people still in the room when the window opens.  The real interesting scenario is if this situation occurs when the sensors believe there is no one in the room, then the window may have been opened from the outside in which case we would need a connection to a telephone (hopefully mobile) that can dial 911 and notify the local police of a Break In!

What other scenarios can you think of that would be helpful for you or your friends and family in their future?


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