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And for my next trick…


The American People elected a new President on November 8th 2016. The rumors and speculations about WHY they chose this one instead of any other candidate have only just begun.

Some may say that is because the Silent Majority decided that they finally had a non-political choice and have been waiting for the chance to tell the Life Time Politicians that they have been fed up but had no other real choice until this year. Some could say that they distrusted the Democratic choice so much that they would be willing to vote for ANY one else. Others may decide that is because they hoped that a real CHANGE might be better than one just in promises.

Regardless of the speculations, we are now faced with quite another struggle: How do we tame the beast we elected? How do we control the strength we may have given this man as our Commander in Chief along with a more favorable Congress and Senate.

Since enough of us have voted in favor of this President-Elect, I think we must now follow up that vote with active involvement in the execution of his office and not just go back “under the covers” to the waiting world of that “Silent Majority”.

Did we leap like that dog in the picture not really thinking of how or whether we would land successfully? How are you feeling NOW?

What do YOU THINK?

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