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Drones and Shotguns

Drones are coming to their own recently and will become even more pervasive in the near future.

Imagine a time when 30 to 50 pound packages will be carried by a drone from its Shipping / Warehouse Location to your front door. These drones will have systems that allow them to use a GPS Navigation app to lead them along their delivery paths. This “self driving / flying” system will have to stay below the altitudes set aside for Helicopters and Airplanes; it will have to have collision avoidance systems for Bridges, Buildings / Homes, Telephone Poles, other Drones, etc.

They will also need cell phone capabilities to notify local police and the Shipping Company whenever an “interruption” in the deliver attempt has occurred: collision, insufficient fuel to delivery and/or return to its Warehouse, etc.

And, it will probably need to be able to react if and when someone decides to take a “pot shot” at it while in the air. The “pot shot” response system will probably need to do several things very quickly:

  1. Drop approximately half the distance to the ground to get out of the way of another shot
  2. Send notices (txt, voice mail, other) to the local police about the weapon firing; the Shipping Company of the thwarted delivery attempt, the Package Recipient of the re-scheduled delivery
  3. Move laterally to another flight path returning to the warehouse
  4. Proceed to a return flight path back to the warehouse whether or not it has already delivered the package

All of this UNLESS it has already been shot down.

How soon do you think we will have this sort of capability?

What would you like the Internet of Things to do for you today?


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