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The Internet of Things and Your Car

Use the car’s remote access to unlock the doors and get into the driver’s seat.

Mount your cell phone on a device that has sensors to let it and your Car know that there is a GPS capable cell phone in the mount.

Activate your GPS system and ask it to Navigate to an address it has driven to and from before this event.

The Phone and its mount are connected to a Self Driving system in your car so it immediately reaches out to the vehicle’s sensors to determine where it is, where a roadway is in reference to the car’s location and direction and determines the best path to your requested address.

These systems determine that your car is facing your garage door and will need to back out into the street in order to start its journey. It starts the engine, selects Reverse and “reads” the rear facing sensors for obstructions and drives backwards toward the end of your driveway.

Another vehicle is driving passed your driveway and sends a notice to any other nearby self driving system (yours in this case) to let it know that it is driving by and it senses NO other traffic in its vicinity.

Your car waits for this other vehicle to pass and then proceeds to back out and orient itself to begin driving forward to its selected location.

Your car then proceeds to drive the 45 to 60 minute drive to take your nine year old Son to his Grand Mother’s house!

What would you like the Internet to do for your today?


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