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Dear Mr. Trump

I am not a pundit.  I am not a “politico”.  I am a US Citizen who voted in our recent (2016) Presidential Election.

Mr. Trump (I refuse to call you President):  You are NOT a politician and many of us thought that could be a good thing but it turns out that you are an Egotist, a Narcissist, a Misogynist and a power hungry maniac unsuitable to be a President, certainly not for MY America.

As a citizen who had the opportunity to vote for you, I can tell you that I am glad I did NOT, and




Get out my my White House.  Get out of my Country.  Get out of my sight!

Thank you


One Response to “Dear Mr. Trump”

  1. Definitely do not agree with this post. All these ‘cupcakes’ crying in their beer are ridiculous. Grow up!

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