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Replacement Theory

There are some people who are fundamentally habitual in their nature.  These folks tend to repeat, focus on, become addicted to a behavior of one kind or another and they, then, tend not to let go.

There are other folks who are much less habitual but I am not talking about them now.

Habit driven people will latch on to some behavior or object and “work it to death” in one manner or another. Reading books and newspapers; eating either anything or some particular type of food or individual food like Potato Chips, Ice Cream, Coffee (better be Starbucks!!??), playing games on line (much more recent but still a repetitive obsession).

These habitual people are almost OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)!

My Replacement Theory suggests that Habit Driven people have a choice to replace one addictive behavior or substance for another but CANNOT stop themselves from being repetitive.  So, the choice they are typically faced with, when they realize they are this type of person, is to choose between Ice Cream (if that is their current obsession) and Oatmeal; On Line Games versus Chess (on a physical board) with a friend; Coffee instead of Booze, for examples.

If there were only two types of people: Habitual and Not so Much: Which would you be?


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