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Presidential History

From a Friend on Facebook (I hope he doesn’t mind…)

The first president I remember led the allied forces in Europe to victory in WWII. He cautioned us against the military industrial complex. He built the American highway system to enable American to defend itself.

The second gave his life for America. He read seven newspapers at breakfast every day. He led our race to the moon vs. the then USSR and we won it because in part of his vision for America. He battled religious bigotry and won.

The third got the voting rights act passed. He escalated the Viet Nam War. A war that killed 50,000 Americans of my generation

The fourth was a criminal who escalated the Viet Nam War. A war that killed untold women and children.

The fifth was appointed and he was a bit clumsy.

The sixth became a thoughtful world citizen these past 37 years. He gave us The CAFE standards that are fleet-wide averages that must be achieved by each automaker for its car and truck fleet, each year, since 1978. These standards were intended to roughly double the average fuel economy of the new car fleet to 27.5 mpg by model year (MY) 1985. He put solar panels on the White House roof.

The seventh closed the mental institutions and broke the back of organized labor. He canceled the CAFE standards. He dismantled the solar panels on the White House roof. His action led to the attempted dismantling of the American middle class. He raised taxes several times.

The eighth was a good man who did the right thing, he raised taxes, though it cost him a second term as president.

The ninth squandered his opportunity. He was a brilliant speaker with unrealized potential. He squander our countries potential for his own personal interests.

The tenth was easily led and himself led us poorly into wars we did not need against a non existent fabricated threat. He cost the lives of so many and for what?

The eleventh brought some of us hope while igniting hatred by others. He reinstated the CAFE standards. The program covered car model year 2012 to model year 2016 and ultimately required an average fuel economy standard of 35.5 miles per US gallon (6.63 L/100 km; 42.6 mpg‑imp) in 2016(of 39 miles per gallon for cars and 30 mpg for trucks), a jump from the 2009 average for all vehicles of 25 miles per gallon. He battle racial bigotry and won.

The twelfth doesn’t read. He doesn’t focus. He is absurdity and vanity. He is attempting to dismantle everything in his sight including CAFE standards, the EPA, the list is endless. The stock market loves him. He makes rich people richer.

He makes me appreciate even more that we have Pope Francis.

2 Responses to “Presidential History”

  1. This ‘writer’ definitely has a very slanted view. Absurd!

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