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The Two Worst Days of the Week

Every week there are two days that are going to happen and over which we have Little or No Control:

Yesterday happened.  It’s over.  There is nothing we can do about that day anymore.

But, we can take some learning out of our Yesterdays if we choose to.

What happened?  What can we learn from what happened?  What, if anything, can we choose to do using that Learning to influence our lives today and in our future?

Tomorrow is unwritten.  What WILL happen is not within our direct control.  Can we, at least, prepare for it based on what is and has happened in our Yesterdays and Today?  Of course, we can, if we choose to learn from our experiences: all of them.

My recent Thanksgiving has reminded me about what to be truly Thankful for and that is just easy to remember that we all have Today and whatever things happen through us or to us each day!



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