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Life is an Asymptote

In Math, an asymptotic relationship or formula is defined as:

  • a line that continuously approaches a given curve but does not meet it at any finite distance

It’s sort of like a football penalty for half the distance to the goal: you get closer but you never get there.

In my experience, Life is like this asymptote in that I am always working on getting to “perfect” and I keep getting closer (sometimes) but I never quite accomplish that elusive “perfect”.

And, what if I did achieve a “perfect” life?  What would happen then?  What would I have left to do?  At that point, I wouldn’t want to DO anything that might move me away from “perfect”, so would I be completely immobilized and how, exactly, would that help me maintain my perfection?

Or, is the real definition of a “Perfect Life” that we are always working towards it and never really achieving it?  It’s the Journey that is definitely important and the arrival just slightly less so.

It sounds to me that the continuous reach for a “better life” is much more maintainable than actually achieving a “perfect” life so that there is always something else to work on.

What do you think?

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