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The Magic of Communication

I get an idea about something to say. My mind translates that idea into words and I think about how or whether I am going to share this idea with anyone else.

Usually, I start to formulate how I am going to express my idea to another and, if and when the right chance arises, I state my idea out loud. At this point, I am not at all clear about what other assumptions or beliefs are in back of this now stated idea nor am I absolutely sure that the words I used completely and honestly represent what I meant to say. But, “It’s Out There!”.

When the person or people I am speaking to hear what I have said, they probably hear most of the words I used but are already applying their own experiential filters to what they heard. That translated idea will then be processed against their background of assumptions, beliefs, and experiences so that it probably no longer means whatever I had meant to say.

And, yet somehow we think we understand each other. That’s magic and we use this every day of our lives. Imagine how much misunderstood information we have in our brains during the course of our lives. Imagine how many times we take action in response to what we did not understand and cause other things to happen that are not fully understood.

Does anyone else ever think about stuff like this?

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