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The Fast Lane: An Enigma

Many people who drive have a preference for one of the lanes on a highway over the others.

My experience has shown me that most of the folks who are driving in the slow lane are planning to get off the highway at one of the exits that are coming up pretty soon.  Although, some aren’t.

When I start driving on a highway, I usually get into the middle lane and go with the flow for a while until I settle into the rhythm of the traffic. Then I can “make my move” when I decide to.

My theory about the folks who drive consistently in the fast lane is that they expect they will go faster than the rest of the traffic. The problem with that expectation is that there are so many people in the fast lane that they end up going slower than the slow lane!

My “move” is typically to get into the slow lane right after we pass an exit ‘cause then those who were in the slow lane to exit have already left and there is much less traffic there than any of the other lanes. And it’s fun to drive by in the slow lane while passing the people in the fast lane.

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