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Buying on Sale

Many shoppers are enticed by Ads that claim that their items are marked down for sale from their usual higher prices. These ads claim / offer that the shoppers will save some amount of money by Buying on Sale through these merchants who are offering their deals.

What does not appear to be as well known is that many of the “Sale” prices are marked down after the List Prices have been inflated. For example, some item could have been selling for $19.95 but then before the price is marked down by 30%, the “original” price is marked up to $29.95 and then marked down to $20.95 or maybe a generous discount down to $19.95.

And although these ads also claim that the buyers will save $10 because of the discounted sales price, does any buyer ever ask where that $10 is after they have purchased these items?

It would be interesting if, when a shopper does buy something on sale, they put the perceived difference in Price into an actual Savings Account so that they actually did have the Price Difference (the “savings” that was offered) in cash in a bank somewhere. But that rarely happens.

My suggestion from this little article would be to:

  • STOP Buying On Sale
  • Buy what you NEED and not what you WANT
  • Put 10% of your Shopping Dollars into a Savings Account so that you actually have something besides just the products you NEED for its future value (the product AND the Money as “future value”)

What are you thoughts on this matter?

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