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Ages and Birthdays

When I was younger, in my 50’s, I got to thinking about my age and, more importantly, my remaining Birthdays. There were fewer remaining than I had already had.

Even though this is a sobering thought, that didn’t mean that I stopped drinking OR living but I still want to do SOMETHING to commemorate my remaining time somehow. It just seemed to me that this remaining time should be precious to me and it should, somehow, be recognized.

Then, it came to me, that new born babies are not just tracked in age by years. Many newborns get referred to in terms of days, weeks, and months even beyond their first Birthday: 2 days old, 6 weeks, 4 to 18 months, and then we start to allow that their earliest and very precious time is behind them and we can begin tracking these children in years.

So, by the time I reached 59 and a half (a significant age in the financial arena), I decided to measure and announce my age, at least, in quarters and sometimes months. Since then, when someone asks me my age I tell them whatever it might be including halfs, quarters, and months when applicable.

As of this writing, I am 72 and 1/2 and will continue this practice for my remaining months, quarters, and years (maybe even decades)!


One Response to “Ages and Birthdays”

  1. So true! No hiding age the older we get. We proudly announce it. Like a badge of honor!

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