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I have an opinion, don't you?

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I am a Republican who voted for a Democrat! I am conservative and accept that women have the right to choose. I am a Grandfather and want to leave a world that will be safe for my Grandchildren’s Grandchildren.

I am open to the progress of science and experimentation for the betterment of lives around the globe without restrictions on what and how we investigate new science and technology. I believe in a person’s right to choose their religion, politics, values, and life styles. I do not believe that religion or government have the right to restrict our choices in these areas. I think, as a society, we have given our religions and governments (which we have allowed to flourish) too much permission in several key areas of our individual “quality of life” choices.

I also like Jazz, Chess, Photography, and my kind of common sense (Is there another kind of common sense?). My opinions are ‘legion’ and I hope I have a chance to express, at least, a small portion of them in this public arena.


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