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Can iPad?

I saw a manager in a corporation working on an iPad in his office. He was taking care of eMail, IMs, his meeting and event calendar, and working on presentations with his little keyboard, stylus, and the iPad. So, being curious, I asked him what he thought about using this device for all his professional work.

What he told me was not so much a surprise as a confirmation of something that, until recently, I had not been looking forward to. He has been working and traveling with his iPad for months now and no longer has a reason to take his Windows Laptop with him (which was sitting on his desk attached to a separate keyboard and monitor). Between his iPhone and his iPad, he is satisfied that he has all the power, connectivity, features and capabilities that are necessary for him to do, not only, his professional work but also his personal activities on a computer.

I have been resisting the notion that something other than a Windows machine can suit my needs but this manager is more involved in technology than I am and he services his life on an iPad! I guess I need to stop thinking about this and switch. Now the big question will be about money and not technology!


One Response to “Can iPad?”

  1. Bill – I’ll call to discuss

    My MacBook Pro offers a lot compared to my elite HP laptop with a C7 chip.

    iPad us a great except it lacks Flash

    My vote is the MacBook Pro 13″ though thinking about a MacBook Air in lieu if the pro and the iPad.



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