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I’m thinking that I will make a list of links to some other podcasts I have published so that you can listen to my other stuff as well as what you might find here.

Let me know if these links (as I add them) are valuable to you OR NOT!

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Either we are alone in the Universe and there are no other life forms; or we are not alone.

Either one is very scary.

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Your thoughts?


Check this out. For only about $6,500 you, too, can have this desk:

Any thoughts?


Life is a count down and few of us recognize this until we are at about “FOUR, 3, TWO or 1”.

Is it TOO Late now?

Given that once we realize what little time we have left, what would be the most important thing for us to do OTHER THAN find a way to teach our children to START EARLIER?

And, yet, how few of us think about how to help others even under these circumstances.

Instead, many of us simply do everything we can to “Get It All!” for ourselves.


Have you ever received an email or text claiming that there is a job you can apply to, only to find that it was a scam where they were trying to get your online identity credentials?

I have been receiving several emails to apply for a “Regional Customer Service Rep” for off-shore steel manufacturing companies and, so far, have reported each of them to my local Better Business Bureau office. I also sent an email back to the folks who offered me these positions letting them know that I have notified the BBB and, surprise – surprise, that email stream stopped!

If you choose to respond to this posting with detailed of your job scams, I will add your details to this post so that others can be forewarned.


“Find a Limb to Hang Your Clothes On” is a lyric in a song.

How many other people listen to songs and hear a line, lyric, or stanza that speaks to them more than just as a line in the song?

If you listen like I do and hear things differently than as written, which lines have you caught as of “special interest” for you. If you have found several would you be willing to share them with me?

And if you happen to know the Artist and the Song Title, you will get extra points. This is NOT a contest and the points won’t get you more than bragging rights, but it would be cool to share.


29 June 2021: Moved this thread to If you want to send me any comments or feedback, please email me at Thanx, bgbg

I have been in the habit of reading a fair amount of politically focused books:

  • The 911 Commission Report
  • Change We Can All Believe In
  • Fiasco
  • A Time For Truth
  • Fire and Fury
  • Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation
  • Blowout
  • Bag Man, and most recently
  • The Impostors

To say I am a staunch Republican (of the old school) and a Libertarian at heart should “go without saying”! However, saying it here, gives you an idea of how I am approaching this topic. However, it should also be noted that I have recently switched my “registered party” to Democrat because of so many things that have happened in recent years (2016 -2020).

In reading “The Impostors”, I got the idea to re-read the Republican Party Platform which I found at this link:

It’s a fairly large document and I will try to post it on this blog so that any of you, my readers, can review it yourselves if interested. And, if I am not yet able to post this file, you can do a search on most reasonable search engines for: “Republican Party Platform”.

My plan / hope is that as I continue to read these types of things, including the Platform document, I will begin to provide my version of a reconstructed Republican party that I would like to be a part of again.

This, then, is a list of the versions / revisions I have added to this reconstruction journal:

Date / Version / Summary Content / Author(s) / Comments:

  • 26 June 2021 / V000.01 / Initial Introductions / bg / 27 Jun: Depending on how much I want to do this, will show in how many and how often there are Versions in this list..
  • 26 June 2021 / V000.1 / Review the 2016 Platform Preamble / bg / …
  • 26 June 2021 / V000.2 / add comments and responses to what I think I believe based, just, on the Preamble / bg /

The 2016 Republican Party Preamble

With this platform, we the Republican Party
reaffirm the principles that unites us in a common purpose.

We believe:

  • in American Exceptionalism
  • the USA is unlike any other nation on earth
  • America is exceptional because of our historic role – first as refuge, then as defender, and now as examplar of liberty for the world to see

We affirm – as did the Declaration of Independence: that all are created equal, endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

We believe:

  • in the Constitution as our founding document
  • the Constitution was written not as a flexible document, but as our enduring covenant
  • our constitutional system – limited government, separation of powers, federalism, and the rights of the people – must be preserved uncompromised for future generations
  • political freedom and economic freedom are indivisible
  • {that} when political freedom and economic freedom are separated – both are in peril; when united, they are invincible
  • that people are the ultimate resource – and that the people, not the government, are the best stewards of our country’s God-given natural resources

As Americans and as Republicans we wish for peace – so we insist on strength. We will make America safe. We seek friendship with all peoples and all nations, but we recognize and are prepared to deal with evil in the world.

Based on these principles, this platform is an invitation and a roadmap. It invites all American {s?} to join us and shows the path to a stronger, safer and more prosperous America.

This platform is optimistic because the American people are optimistic.

there is more but it gets flagrantly political at this point (bg ed.) …

My Proposal(s)

With this article, I am starting an initiative to instigate a new Republican party. I am not interested in eliminating or removing the current people who call themselves Republican but I now believe that we need a new choice: “Retropublicans” – a third party. And I want this “new third party” to become what the earlier Republicans were before this most recent erosion of their principles.

My hope, of course, is that the current Republican members will revert their ways and join this new Retropublican party when and until the current Republican party goes away or is so reduced that it is no longer a “player” in our national politics. However, in order for the current “Republicans” to join this new party, they must demonstrate their alignment with the current / original principles of the Republican party before “Trump”.

My further hope is that by posting this desire, we generate enough enthusiasm and discussion that there is a clear and growing interest in making these changes to a Retro-principled and renewed Republican party.

Who would like to join in this conversation?


Sexual orientation is a process. And processes need data.

As of the current writing (June 2021) current application systems collect data about Sex by asking one insufficient question: “Sex: Male or Female?”. This is nowhere near enough data to be a “Complete, Honest, and Meaningful” representation of this information.

The information I think we need about the “Sex” of an individual needs to tell us a story.  The collection and maintenance of this story will benefit from data attributes like these:

  • Effective Date
  • Event Type
  • Physiology
  • Psychic / Sexual Orientation

The Data Dictionary for these terms could be something like this:

Attribute NameDefinitionRelationship to other Attributes
Effective DateMM/DD/YYYY of the entry / eventKey to remaining Attributes in each row
Event TypeName of Event documented by this entryEvent occurred / was recorded as of the Effective Date
PhysiologyPerson’s individual physical configuration as of the EventRecorded physical configuration as of the Effective Date
Psychic OrientationPerson’s personal Sexual orientation / preference as of the EventRecorded sexual orientation as of the Effective Date

The current Valid Values for each of these Attributes could be as follows:

PhysiologyPsychic / Sexual
Legitimate Date Values onlyBirthMaleHeterosexual
 PubertyFemaleHomosexual / Lesbian
 Psych Eval(s)HermaphroditeAsexual
 Sex Change SurgeryOtherBisexual
 Declaration of Preference Binary
 Marriage Other
 Parent by Birth  
 Parent by Adoption  

Then one sample or example of the Data Rows for an individual could look like this:

PhysiologyPsychic / Sexual
8/22/1964Psych Eval(s)MaleHeterosexual / Mechanic
10/26/1968Sex Change SurgeryFemaleBinary
02/14/1970Declaration of PreferenceFemaleHomosexual / Lesbian
4/9/1979MarriageFemaleHomosexual / Lesbian
12/24/1983Parent by AdoptionFemaleHomosexual / Lesbian
6/2/2054DeathFemaleHomosexual / Lesbian

This sequence of data would tell the story of:

  • A Male Child being born
  • Going thru Puberty as a Male
  • Getting evaluated (not for sexual orientation) with indications to be a Mechanic
  • Opting for Sex Change Surgery to become a Female with temporary reservations (Binary)
  • Declaring their preference as a Lesbian
  • Marrying another Female (no recorded history for the partner)
  • Adopting a child (no recorded history of the adopted child)
  • Dying at age 112

It might be worth considering the addition of a Comments field for each of these recorded medical events to expand / capture the information that is not yet captured in a “table defined” field (Non Sexual Evaluation / Mechanic, Mental Reservations, others).

My proposal is that to enhance the accuracy and usefulness of Electronic Medical Record applications, these data should be built into new versions of these applications as soon as possible so that we can have a more useful record of individual health information.


Our world is a safe place to live IF we keep it that way.

Our homes are safe and clean WHEN we choose to maintain them in that manner.

Our cities and countries are clean and healthy AS LONG AS we decide, as a group, to keep them as such.

We are the Tenants of our environs and in order to preserve our survival we must choose to accept certain rules or Tenets of that survival:

  • No Man (sic: person) Is An Island
    • We must be sociable and polite
  • Personal Hygiene is Essential
    • Be health conscious, maintain your distance, wear a mask if you are unsure of your surroundings / interactions
  • Political (sic: any) Opinions are just that: Opinions
    • Any beliefs we have as individuals are NOT Mandatory for any or all other people with whom we interact
  • Each of us are entitled to our own beliefs and opinions
    • Accept the beliefs of others rather than impose our beliefs on anyone
  • Each of us are entitled to the life we choose
    • But not one of us should be forced to exist in someone else’s expectations / infringements / rules
  • We must be allowed to protect ourselves
    • However, we have no right to put others in danger under the guise of this “protection”

If you have an opinion about this list OR would like to add / modify these entries, please send me a comment through this blog OR an email to

Thank you for reading and for taking the time to send me your opinion(s).